Handbag Hanger Bangle with the Tassel Charm

Handbag Hanger Bangle with the Tassel Charm


  • GLAMOROUS - Keeps your bag off the floor, clean and within easy reach. Pearl brushed Nickel scratch resistant finish for bangle, ring and connector of tassel. Doubles as a charm, bracelet and bangle.
  • EASY TO USE - open the bangle and hook onto table, position tassel. Has an auto close hinge. Can be used on desks, ledges, tables, sinks, doors, handles, fences, chairs, stools.
  • STRONG AND WELL MADE Holds 10kg. Sturdy. Optimised hook. Protective rubbers on hook ends. Pearl brushed Nickel finish for bangle, ring and connector of tassel. scratch resistant. Manufactured by our overseas business partner with ISO certified quality control and inspection standards plus CE health, safety, and environmental protection certification.
  • PROTECTS AND PRACTICAL Smooth and easy on straps. 68 mm opening. Length of bangle and tassel 17cm
  • MINIMAL PACKAGING. Our team is seriously committed to reducing waste. One of the ways we achieve this by sending the majority of our products 'nude'. We know this may look a little funny when you open the box, but feel good in knowing that no unnecessary packaging has been used for your purchase. We seriously thank you for embracing our philosophy, as does the environment and wildlife

    This is a beautiful handbag accessory. Is elegant yet sturdy.

    • Handbag Hooker
    • Handbag Hanger

    The tassel adds extra 'bling' and glamour.

    Instead of leaving your bag lying on the floor hang it from the table, your desk, a sink or a ledge.

    Is well made:- 

    • Pearl nickel finish.
    • Protective rubbers on hooker ends.
    • Circular design good for bag handles.
    • Diameter of 70m Opening of 68 mm.
    • Holds 10kg easily.
    • Easily hooks onto thick or thin table tops, chairs, desks, ledges, fences.

    Suitable for handbags, briefcases, school bags as well as backpacks and coats.

    Comes in a little bag so minimal packaging to gives you less to dispose of.


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