Butter Press

Butter Press

IT WORKS – Designed for Australia. Perfect for Thermomix devotees who make their own butter.  Anyone who makes butter can use it. Pretty tool. Based on a classic French design. What is better than your newly made butter on fresh baked bread?


EASY TO USE - Insert press into box, place butter fat inside box, place on plate then gently press. TIP THE


LESS LIQUID IN THE BUTTER THE BETTER. Gently use the press to remove liquid – check out the photos.


SUITS AUSTRALIAN CONTAINERS – Butter pat is sized to fit in most standard butter dishes and containers. A 600 ml carton of pure or whipping cream will, after processing and pressing, create a butter pat approximately 10cm L x 7cm D x 5cm W


BEAUTIFULLY CONSTRUCTED – Solid pine, lovely dovetail joints. Well thought out kitchen gadget tool.


MINIMAL PACKAGING-Our team is seriously committed to reducing waste. One of the ways we achieve this by sending the majority of our products 'nude'. We know this may look a little funny when you open the box, but feel good in knowing that no unnecessary packaging has been used for your purchase. We seriously thank you for embracing our philosophy, as does the environment and wildlife.


    The butter press is perfect for Thermomix and butter devotees

    Press is made from solid food grade and treated pine with lovely dovetail joins. The tool was specially designed to match supermarket available butter sticks and to fit into most household butter containers and dishes.

    • Process cold fresh cream as per recipe instructions.
    • Put press into the box as shown in the photos in the listing.
    • Put the butter fats into the press.
    • Place press open side down onto a plate.
    • Gently push the press down to remove excess liquid.
    • Remove the box by holding the press in place without pushing and then pull the box up away from butter.
    • Slide a knife under the press to remove press from butter.
    • Wallah you have your own stick of butter.

    Stick will measure around 10cm L x 7cm D x 5cm W


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Color: Beige

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