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Give your Kitchen Wood Utensils & Cutting Boards some love!

Caring for Wood Utensils & Cutting Boards

To keep your wooden kitchen utensils, cutting boards and butter press in TIP TOP CONDITION:-


Hand-wash your wooden utensils with hot water and mild dish soap.

Don’t put them in the dishwasher. High water temperatures in the dishwasher can dry them out and lead to cracks in the wood.

Simple hand washing is best for wooden items.

Blot freshly washed wooden utensils with a clean dish towel, then allow them to air-dry completely before putting the away.


If your wooden spoons or cutting boards start to look dry or don't feel super smooth, periodically rub them with mineral oil or a beeswax compound. Don't use food-based oil like vegetable or olive oil, since these types of oils can go rancid.

Food grade mineral oil is available on various online retail stores or hardware stores.

We use Liquid Paraffin which is food grade and readily available from the chemist at a reasonable price.


Wooden cutting boards and spoons can eventually split as they dry out or are exposed to extreme temperature changes or are left in the sun.

Dispose of split wooden tools, because food could get trapped in the cracks.


Highly pigmented foods, such as tomato sauce or berries, will stain wooden utensils and cutting boards. They're still safe to use if they're stained, and the stains will eventually fade.

Wooden items can absorb odours from strong flavours like garlic or oil and could transfer the odours and flavours to other foods. To reduce the smell, rub the wooden surface with the cut side of a halved lemon or with a paste made of baking soda and water. This will help neutralize the odour. If this is very bothersome, keep a separate cutting board and/or utensil for more flavourful foods to avoid flavour transfer.

If your wooden utensils develop spotted stains or roughness, these can be rubbed away with a piece of fine sandpaper. Oil the surface afterward with food grade mineral oil or a beeswax compound.


Cutting Boards are often made out of hard woods and as such more durable.

Kitchen utensils such as spoons and your butter press are made out of soft wood such as pine. These can be damaged with rough treatment.

With these tips your wooden kitchen utensils should last a long, long time.

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