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Handbag Hooker Hanger Bangle Charm Tassel - Hang your bag on table or chair with style - Value Bundle


This is a beautiful handbag accessory. Is elegant yet sturdy.

  • Handbag Hooker

  • Handbag Hanger


The tassel adds extra 'bling' and glamour.

Instead of leaving your bag lying on the floor hang it from the table, your desk, a sink or a ledge.

Is well made:- 

  • Pearl nickel finish.

  • Protective rubbers on hooker ends.

  • Circular design good for bag handles.

  • Diameter of 70m Opening of 68 mm.

  • Holds 10kg easily.

  • Easily hooks onto thick or thin table tops, chairs, desks, ledges, fences.


Suitable for handbags, briefcases, school bags as well as backpacks and coats.

Comes in a little bag so minimal packaging to gives you less to dispose of.

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